Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Richard GUERRIER (Disorderly, Resisting)

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident # 17009707:


On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, I was assigned marked unit west 6. At approximately 12:23 am, I was dispatched to the area of 239 Elm St for the report of a dispute. Officer O’Brien (W7), Officer Driscoll (W5), Officer Torres (SW), Officer Beckford (E3), Officer Lorenti (detail), and Officer Ruff (200) also responded.


On scene, I immediately noticed a female later identified as XXXXX sitting in front of 240 Elm St and she appeared to be injured. I asked XXXXX if she was hurt and she said yes. She said that her boyfriend, later identified as Richard Guerrier, had been in a fight with three unidentified males a few minutes earlier and she had slipped on the icy sidewalk trying to break it up. I called for EMS in order to have XXXXX evaluated and Somerville Fire and Cataldo Ambulance responded. While XXXXX was receiving medical treatment, Richard became increasingly hostile. I explained to Richard that his girlfriend was hurt and we needed to let the EMT’s do their job. Richard had a cut over his left eye, a cut behind his left ear, and a chipped tooth all sustained during the earlier fight. I asked if he would like medical treatment as well and he said no. Richard stated that he was not comfortable with so many police officers around him. I explained to Richard why we were there and he said he understood. Richard then began to become very hostile for no reason. He was yelling in the faces of Officer Ruff and Officer Torres and flailing his arms in a very aggressive manner. I asked Richard to calm down and let us help his girlfriend. Richard continued to yell in our faces and flail is arms. At this point he was becoming a distraction for the EMT’s treating XXXXX. I told Richard for the last time to calm down. Again Richard ignored my request and became even more hostile, yelling, swearing and flailing his arms in a tumultuous manner almost hitting myself, other officers and one of the many bystanders who had gathered around because of all the commotion. At that point I told Richard to turn around and put his hands behind his back. I explained to him he was being arrested for disorderly conduct. Richard did not comply with my demands. Officer Ruff, Officer Torres and myself had to forcibly place Richards arms behind his back because he continuously pulled his arms away from us trying to instead place them in his pockets.


Richard was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct c272 s53 and Resisting Arrest c268 s32B and transported to the Somerville Police station by Officer Ruff in unit 200 where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey. It is important to note that due to Richard’s continued hostility toward officers, Officer Beckford escorted unit 200 back to the station for precautionary reasons.


XXXXX was transported to Somerville Hospital by Cataldo Ambulance.



Respectfully submitted, 


Officer Shaun Clark #321

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