3 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Defending Sanctuary City Status On Fox Business News”

  1. this mayor is a jerk i live in somerville taxes are so high now i dont want to pay for ileags they get more amonth in entitle ments than we do

  2. Dude I can’t beleive it . 6 million dollars that dumb shot doesn’t think this city needs instead a hand full off illegal dope dealers who are killing people. Hopefully they will one day attack every starve buck and scare the shit outta the yuppies who think this guy’s is doing the right thing. Yeah giving them someone cheap to hire mow the lawn. My new phew does mine and those are the days I miss . But hopefully this will be the last if husband shenanigans. His hope for further climbing the polital ladder were for sure ruined after watching that awful interview . Wake the fuck up . U looked hooked so u should help urself and others instead of doing what banana Republic wants you wearing?

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