The Somerville News Weekly is a local news publication that keeps you up to date on what’s going on in and around Somerville that’s viewed by thousands of our daily readers!

Please visit our web site: and feel free to post your opinions & comments live for the world to see on our interactive web blog section.

Please feel free to send us your cell phone photos of local news, local school sports, Birthdays, Anniversaries, storm snapshots, interesting, photos & news stories for us to post online for the world to see with thousands of hits daily.

If you would like to write news stories for us as a college internship, have it posted and receive college credits, we welcome you to please contact us as well.
Also check out our new ‘Somerville Speak Up Line’ where you can send in your comments and topics regarding City Hall and other issues in and around the city and we will post it and publish it for the world to see! 
All calls and contacts are strictly confidential!

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