Letter to the Editor: Is Somerville Evicting Vets Now Who Fly Flags?

Dear Billy and Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line,

So let me ask people this. My parent’s live in the sommerville housing unit at 1 capen court. Today my father and mother where visited by the chief of police of the sommerville housing authority. He told my father he faced eviction for placing 4 American flags on the grounds of the housing unit on flag day. What is wrong with a VETERAN placing the American flags on the grounds of federal government housing unit? Please share this post and end this bullshit. I always see people post going crazy for there dog or cat. This needs to be shared over and over that it is unacceptable to deny a VETERAN to place a flag on the grounds of a federal funded housing unit on flag day. Hopfully we get the message out.

A Somervillian for Ed Siekman

50 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is Somerville Evicting Vets Now Who Fly Flags?”

  1. Seems very bazaar that on flag day, people are getting officers knocking on their front doors about having flags up!?! What the heck!? Do we not have anything better to complain about in our lives!? Pretty pathetic…. The veterans who serve and die for our country have to deal with this crap!?
    Absolutely absurd. People don’t even know how good they have it here…

  2. I read something as ridiculous as vets not being able to display an American flag in Somerville and it reminds me that I am so happy not to live in the state of Massachusetts anymore. Bunch of liberal nut jobs

  3. It’s the American flag. It should be flown anywhere someone wants to display it. The isis flag was found hung up on a fence in nh. It was removed. Now the American flag is asked to be removed if this story is true? Complete bs . People better wake up or we will be just like London.

  4. I have nothing but the greatest respect for our flag and the veterans who have defended us. They are the greatest and our country is the greatest,
    but there are movements and forces and organizations that are actively trying to take our country down. We are not perfect, but we have done many admirable things throughout the course of history.

    God bless America, our veterans, and our people.

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